April Bower | Metal Mosaic: fabricated in Argentium silver | Monday, January 30, 2023 | 8:30 am until 5:00 pm


Create unique mosaics of textures & shapes with fused Argentium, with a sophisticated adjustable shank for a  large and dramatic ring (or pendant if you prefer).

Learn: Textures, framing, fusing, design, & Argentium silver.

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Instructor:    April Bower

Title of Class: Metal Mosaic: fabricated in Argentium silver

Date of Class: Monday, January 30, 2022

Number of hours of class: 7-hours

Time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Level: Must be comfortable with torch & saw

Type:  combination of technique and project-based

Kit Fee $95*   Price may need adjustment due to change in precious metals price.

Kit Includes

26g ARSS sheet  1.5”x2”

12g ARSS round wire           6”

18g ARSS sheet  ¾” x 3”

22g ARSS sheet  1”x4”

16g  ARSS round wire          4”

0000 steel wool and pro polish pad

consumables like fuel, flux & solder, as well as use of tools and equipment to create a studio where there is none

use of instructor’s tools

Student Supply List

bench pin

Jewelers saw & 3/0 blades (or close)

bench block

leather or non-mar mallet

side cutters

metal shears

hand files & sanding sticks to smooth edges

sharpie marker, fine tip

tweezers for arranging things

scratch brush

safety glasses , dust mask

your usual hand tools, pliers,  ruler, sharpie etc

Studio Tools supplied



Solder Set Up



Rolling mill

Polishing lathe

Belt sander

flex shaft and burs for cleanup and polishing.

ring mandrels

Polished planishing hammer

Sand bag & nylon mallets

Optional Supply List

So you don’t have to share

Round or square ring mandrel


Bending or forming pliers

Additional Class Comments: I will have a few of required tools available to share if you can’t bring or forgot

Instructor Email Address: [email protected]

Instructor Website: www.AprilBower.com