Who are we?

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Vivi Magoo is a family run business. We are a close-knit family who enjoy each other’s company and love spending time with our Vivi Magoo friends, sharing creativity and being inspired. In our fifth year of business, we continue to have fun planning and hosting our events each year!

Barb is the visionary – always looking for new venues, artist-instructors to teach and students to fill the seats. If you have any suggestions for where to hold an event or a new instructor to consider, Barb has a willing ear to listen and, when possible, will help fulfill your dream.

contact Barb at Barb@vivimagoo.com

Erin is the keeper of the spreadsheets – making sure that everyone is where they want to be each day of class. If you ever have a question about registration, or if you want to change or cancel a class, contact Erin. She’ll take good care of you!

contact Erin at Erin@vivimagoo.com