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Barb SolemDanny's Epic Adventures, supplies lists

I’m coming to Danny’s EPIC ADVENTURES – 2021 and need a supply list that includes to what to bring. Thanks for your help. I’m really excited! 

Hi – so good to hear from you! Class supplies lists are located on the website – part of each class description. Scroll down the page to find the supplies lists. Still can’t find it? Email Barb with info about the class you’re signed up for, and she’ll screenshot it and send a copy to you. 

Here’s step-by-step directions:

  • Click on the EPIC ADVENTURES – 2021 class descriptions page <here>
  • Scroll down through the Description, and you will find all the information you need – what Vivi Magoo will be providing, optional supplies you may want to bring with you, and the Student Supply List. We’re waiting on Danny’s list of what he is bringing and will send that to you as soon as we receive it.
  • Copy and paste the necessary tools and materials from the Student Supply List to a word document for handy reference

Because your health and safety are our utmost concern, we have implemented the following measures each day

    1. daily temperature checks before admittance in class
    2. daily health checklist completed each morning before admittance in class
    3. socially distanced workstations so you can maintain a healthy distance from one another during class.
    4. each workbench will be complete with your own soldering station, pickle pot, flex shaft, etc.
    5. masks
    6. hand sanitizer at each workbench
    7. disinfectant at each workbench

In addition, we are working with Danny to provide on-screen demos so you won’t have to crowd around his demo table.

Please text Barb with any questions you may have with respect to supplies – She will get right back to you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Barb (602) 509-6030 (cell)

Erin (602) 615-4136 (cell)