If you have the questions, we have the answers!

Barb Solem2022, Metals Week

We would like to answer a few questions that have arisen by Vivi Magoo Metals Week students in hopes this helps you with anything you’ve been wondering about!

What does the kit fee include? 

The kit fee includes use of the instructor’s, Vivi Magoo’s and the studio’s equipment and tools.

Can I bring these items myself?

In order to keep costs down for you, our students, we ask that you bring the items listed as well as the metal sheet, wire and silver solder. Most of us have a supply of those items in our studio, and there is no reason to go out and purchase more!

Why is this not included in the class fee? 

With the variety of instructors we contract with each year and the individual requirements they each have for their classes,  it streamlines the process immeasurably to do it this way.

Do we have to order from J&S, can’t I order from my preferred supplier and bring it with me to class? 

You are invited to order from your preferred jewelry supply house.

Do we have to bring those specific sizes of silver, or just approximate that amount of silver? 

In order to try and not confuse anyone, I’m going to differentiate between size and gauge.
For the purpose of this document, I’m going to refer to gauge throughout as the specific thickness of either a piece of sheet or wire. Similarly, I will refer to size as the dimensions of either.
Nicole and Ace use these specific gauges of wire and sheet, so I would suggest you  begin by using the recommended gauges, and, if you want to bring other gauges to use, I would recommend you add them into your projects as the week progresses and you feel more confident with experimenting a bit.

What if I have a piece that is close to that size? 

The sizes or dimensions of the sheet metal or wire  aren’t as important as the gauges – close to the recommended dimension(s) is good. Err on bringing more rather than less. You’ll be creating  your own designs (unless you want to copy theirs), and you’ll use more or less depending on what you envision.

From what I see online Nicole fuses metal together, can I not bring scrap or grain instead of sheet and wire?

Scrap is fine to add to your pieces. Remember, you’re not melting it down and rolling it out – you’re using the sheet and wire as-is to create embellishments on your projects.

Is there parking at the venu, or do I have to use the light rail? 

The studio is in an industrial park with plenty of free parking.

Lunches, should I be bringing these with me, or will there not be a lunch break? 

There is a daily lunch break (noon – 1 pm), and you’re invited to bring your lunch if you’d like. We usually pick a restaurant/sandwich shop/etc.  near the studio to order from, and you’re welcome to join in the order if that is something you’d like to do some of the days. Either way, we all eat together unless you would like a break away from the group. Eating together is a way for everyone to get to know each other, and we recommend it – building community amongst our Vivi Magoo family of students is very important to us.
We will arrange group dinner outings at neighborhood restaurants we know to be delicious and fun. Those who wish to join us do, and those with other obligations in the evenings don’t. No host – meaning everyone pays their own tab.

We will continue to send (almost) daily updates to your inboxes until the start of Metals Week, and hopefully will address all the future questions you may have about anything. If something is burning in your mind, please text or email me, and I will address it here as well as on our private FB page.

As always,