Welcome to Metals Week 2022!

Barb Solem2022, Metals Week

Hi Metals Week students!

We are getting really excited about our upcoming retreat next month! Erin and I are working diligently to put the finishing touches on everything. We’re going to begin emailing you with updates and information that we hope will be beneficial to you. Our experience is that students become a bit anxious about what to expect when they arrive at an event such as ours, and our goal is to take the worry and stress out of your time with us.

We have created a way to group text you during our retreat. We’ll send informational updates throughout the day to you. And, it works both directions; you can contact us without having to search us out at the hotel.

Could you do us a favor please? If you haven’t already done so, we would like you to confirm your cell phone number to insure that we have contact with you during our retreat. 

Would you please text me on the phone that you plan to bring to Mesa and include your name in the body of the text so I can confirm the accuracy of the information I have in my records? Thanks!

Here’s my cell phone number (Barb)

As many of you already are aware, we also have set up a private Facebook page for students and instructors to communicate with each other. It’s a two-part process to join. First, you and I have to be friends on my page (here’s the link). Once we are friends, you can request to become a member of the Metals Week private page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, don’t fret. We send all of our correspondences with you via email, so you won’t miss out on anything.

We have an active Instagram page and would love for you to share your photos and posts with us throughout the retreat. Photos of all the fun you’re having with new and old friends, dinners, outings, the classroom, your works-in-progress. We would love to see them! You can find us here. Hashtag your posts



Thanks for sharing your fun and projects with us!


We know you will enjoy your time with us and go home with a lot of new techniques and tips to use at your benches in the days that follow our retreat. As importantly, we know that you will forge friendships along the way and stay connected with these new and dear friends until you reunite with them at a future Vivi Magoo retreat.

We’re looking forward to gathering soon!

Barb (602) 509-6030 (cell)
[email protected]

Erin (602) 615-4136 (cell)
[email protected]