What should I pack to wear?

Barb Solem2022, Metals Week, what to wear to class

The good news is our monsoon season will have ended by the time you arrive in the Phoenix metropolitan area in mid-September.

The not-so-good-news is it’s still pretty warm for us in September.

Temperatures can still range in the nineties (ahhh – but it’s a dry heat!), and the sun shines for an average of 11 hours each day.

Our morning and evening temperatures are quite pleasant at an average of  75°F (24°C).

It hardly ever rains in September with only one rainy day on average for the whole month.

We love early morning walks when it’s delightful and cool – just the thing to do before spending the day at your bench.

We recommend you bring layers to wear each day – a light sweater for the mornings and evenings which you can remove in the midday warmth. Remember to bring that sweater to the studio each day – sometimes the air-conditioning can get chilly!

We’re very casual in the valley – comfortable clothing at work and play – and dinner too. Another reason we love living here!