Danny Wade | Two Days With Danny: Stamped Triangle Wire Cuff Bracelets | Thursday, January 26, 2023 and Friday, January 27, 2023 | 9:00 am until 4:30 pm daily


This two-day class will consist of working with copper triangle wire, sterling triangle wire and Danny’s triangle wire stamping block.

Also, custom stamps that are made just for the students to use in class by Danny.

We will cover techniques associated with stamping, annealing, forming and soldering stamped triangle wire..

Day two we will complete a second bracelet made of sterling silver in the southwest traditional style of making.

Take the challenge and see how many triangle wires you can stack up to make a beautiful cuff bracelet as Danny Wade guides you thru the process over 2 days of learning with Vivi Magoo The Desert 2023!

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Instructor: Danny Wade

Title of Class:

Two-Days with Danny Wade: Stamped Triangle wire cuff bracelets

Dates of Class: January 26, 2023 and January 27, 2023

Level: advanced beginner+

Type: project and technique

Class Fee: $390

Kit Fee: $70 – payable at start of first day of class (price may vary depending on cost of metals)

Kit includes 

All metals needed to complete one copper triangle wire bracelet and one sterling silver triangle bracelet.

Instructor will have for use in class

All tools, etc. not listed for class in the Student Supply List

Student Supply List

favorite jewelry making tool for class

you need to bring:

hand files flat

ring clamp


needle file set

jeweler’s saw and blades (#2/0 and #1) and beeswax or burlife                                                       saw frame

hand metal shears/snips

soldering pick

soldering tweezer to place solder

flux and brush

scribe and fine point sharpie marker

6-inch ruler or caliper

close-toe shoes

safety glasses

bench pin that you can clamp to table – clamp and pin                                                                    

Optional Supply List


your own fave tools

magnifying glasses or optivisor is needed

Instructor Email Address: ferrovalleytool@gmail.com

Instructor Website: ferrovalleytool.com



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