ONLINE: April’s Anticlastic Curly Earrings | March 4, 11 and 18, 2023 | 9:00 am until 10:30 am


Learn the art of Anticlastic Forming and create light weight, 3-dimensional  earrings with simple tools and hammering.

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Level : intermediate, must be comfortable with a torch, a bit of endurance for hammering

Type: combination of both project and techniques

Class Fee: $195

TOOL KIT:  $85 plus shipping

Large wood sinusoidal stake

Small wood sinusoidal stake

Nylon cross peen mallet large

Nylon cross peen mallet small

Specialty tools needed

Sinusoidal  stakes (anticlastic forming) in wood or Delrin, or steel or end hooks assorted sizes

here is a commercial one “small” in Delrin from Rio which would be wonderful

here is a commercial one Extra small  from Rio

Here is a wood version I offer order  “large” #7…more affordable

Here is a wood version I offer order “small”  #8 in photo

End hooks (need several sizes) from NC Black

Nylon  or plastic cross peen mallets large & small

Sturdy Vise Like this , or better this, mounted to a stable surface (stump or table)

Shears for metal

half round file 6” something like this

Texturing tools: hammers, stamps or rolling mill or Pre-etched metal

Torch for soldering posts & annealing

EZ silver solder

Closing hammer or small ball peen like this? Or better

 smaller goldsmith cross peen (optional)

Flat nose pliers

Ring Mandrel

Scratch brush

Assorted  grit radial discs for flex shaft or Dremel   #400 is my fav.

24 to 26g sheet metal in copper or bronze or brass

26g sterling or Argentium silver sheet

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