Skill Level of Classes

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Hello, I stumbled upon your website through Kim St Jean and was wondering if your classes are geared toward the beginner or the more advanced student.

Thanks for reaching out to us at Vivi Magoo! We appreciate your interest and hope that you will consider joining us at one or another of our retreats. Kim has been one of our premiere instructors at a variety of our retreats over the years, and we love her and her teaching style!
You asked about the level of the courses our instructors teach. They range from beginner/novice to advanced/professional. Most of our classes fall in the mid-range of skill set with Kim being a perfect example. She like all of our instructors is able to meet student’s needs at their individual ability level. Classes are small enough in size (no more than twenty students/instructor) that each student receives a healthy dose of personal instruction should they need it. If a tool or technique is used that someone is unfamiliar with, most likely that person is not the only one new to it in the class! Either the instructor will give them a personal tutorial to bring their comfort and skill level up, or they will stop what they are doing if they recognize there are several students with the same question and give the entire class that tutorial. 
We are always available by phone or email to discuss particular classes with you to help you decide if you are comfortable taking any class in our schedule. Please contact me any time! I’m always ready to help!
I hope this information is useful to you. I look forward to hearing back from you! And, I hope you will consider joining us at one or several of our retreats. I know you will be happy you decided to join the Vivi Magoo family!
Barb Solem