Grateful HeARTS 2017

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Grateful HeARTS begins today! We’re teaming up with the Hilton Tucson-East hotel to offer free classes to men and women who are retired military personnel. Thanks to Robert Dancik, Chris Nelson and Lyle Rayfield for generously donating their time and talents to teach at this awesome and worthwhile venture. Thanks to the hotel for providing the classrooms and delicious lunch … Read More

Reminder: Print your Course Schedule!

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Don’t forget to log in at Vivi Magoo and print out a copy of your classes before leaving for Tucson so you have an up-to-date schedule. If you have any questions or need assistance, Erin will be glad to help you out!   0 Comments Please login to comment

Need…Want….Such a Fine Line

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There are literally thousands of vendors who descend upon Tucson each winter, selling their beads, gemstones and anything jewelry-related. Each year we have helped students and instructors find their ways to the best shows in Tucson. We are going to continue our tradition and serve as concierge this year to help you find the best-suited vendors for you and your specific … Read More

Grateful HeARTS

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Vivi Magoo has enjoyed many successes over the past five years, and we feel blessed to be able to do what we do with and for our wonderful family of students and instructors. We felt the calling this year to undertake a philanthropic project, giving back something to the Tucson community in which we serve and to those who may be … Read More

Question – Gem Show – Wholesale License

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Question I have my business license for the state of Wa. W/ my UBI number is that good enough to get into the gem shows? Thank you,  K.O. Reply Yes, your WA state business license will work for all of the wholesale tents in Tucson. You can pre-register for many of them right now. JOGS, G&LW, To Bead True Blue, … Read More

Where to Shop in Tucson

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Question I am headed to Tucson for the show and had reached out to one of your instructors to ask if she had suggestions on where to go for mixed media/found objects/assemblage supplies.  She directed me to you and now I think I will need to sign up for some Art Retreat in the Desert classes while I am there!  I … Read More

Skill Level of Classes

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Question: Hello, I stumbled upon your website through Kim St Jean and was wondering if your classes are geared toward the beginner or the more advanced student. Reply: Thanks for reaching out to us at Vivi Magoo! We appreciate your interest and hope that you will consider joining us at one or another of our retreats. Kim has been one of … Read More