Follow the Yellow Brick Road….Shopping On My Own

Erin2017, The Desert - 2019

Q) If I happen to have a free day and want to go shopping on my own, is there a shuttle from the hotel directly to any of the gem shows? I have been searching online and don’t see anything. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

Old classic van isolated on white background.

A) The hotel is working on getting us a stop on the free shuttles that run between shows; fingers crossed that will happen! But, even if not, don’t fret – we can help get you linked up with someone who is headed your direction or help call for an Uber and send you on your way from our hotel. Once you arrive at one of the venues, there are free city shuttles that will transport you between venues. Be aware that there are linking routes, and you may have to switch shuttles to get to your final destination. Also, remember that the shuttle service is as reliable as it can be, but you need to take a dose of patience with you when you ride it.

Here is the city shuttle route map to keep with you.

And, don’t forget this handy website. It’s our favorite list of all the major shows. You can plan out your shopping trips by referencing this website and then choose the city shuttle routes that will get you to where you want to go.

Keep our phone numbers handy, and if you get lost or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact either of us – We can get you back on track – or send out the posse to return you safely home to us!


(602) 509-6030


(602) 615-4136