Where to Shop in Tucson

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I am headed to Tucson for the show and had reached out to one of your instructors to ask if she had suggestions on where to go for mixed media/found objects/assemblage supplies.  She directed me to you and now I think I will need to sign up for some Art Retreat in the Desert classes while I am there!  I saw you are having a market, so I bet that will be a great place to shop.  Any other places/tents/locations you can suggest would be GREATLY appreciated (whether part of the show or just a Tucson store).   It is all a bit overwhelming!  Hope to meet you in February.


Thanks for contacting us at Vivi Magoo! I’m glad you are thinking of joining us at Art Retreat in the Desert next month! This one is specifically related to jewelry since it falls during the bead and gem shows. We also host several other retreats – Metals Week, Rebel Heartistry, Danny’s EPIC ADVENTURES,  Art Retreat on the Prairie and Art Retreat by the Beach in Southern California. Our newest adventure is The Academy by Vivi Magoo, a series of online classes taught in the privacy of your own studio.
My favorite bead and gem show spots are the following –
You can use this tool to help locate the shows, find out their run-dates, maps, etc. We love it and use it all gem show long!
Which classes are you interested in taking with us next month? I’d love to help you create your schedule! 
Let’s keep in touch!