Grateful HeARTS

Barb Solem2017, Grateful HeARTS

Vivi Magoo has enjoyed many successes over the past five years, and we feel blessed to be able to do what we do with and for our wonderful family of students and instructors. We felt the calling this year to undertake a philanthropic project, giving back something to the Tucson community in which we serve and to those who may be struggling in some way.

Because Tucson is fortunate to have such a defined and distinguished military presence, last year, we decided to adopt retired and disabled military as the recipients of our outreach. We collaborated with the Davis Monthan Air Force Base, the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and the US Air Force Reserve Center on this project. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of our returning veterans – many of whom are struggling to adapt and adjust back into life in America. I know you have also heard the phrase, “art saves,” and we are attempting to offer an opportunity to do just that to this group of deserving individuals who have given so much to preserve our freedom and liberty.

On Sunday, January 29th, before our retreat kicks off, many of our instructors will voluntarily teach short introductory classes to approximately forty retired and/or disabled military vets. The Hilton will provide the classroom space and lunch for the day. This is truly a collaborative effort that is designed to provide outreach to these deserving veterans.

Please join Erin and me in thanking all who have joined in our effort. We especially want to thank the Hilton Tucson-East hotel and Marci Rogers for their unending generosity and support. With their help, they identified the participants and will provide the necessary classroom space in which to teach. To top it all off, they are also providing lunch for the participants – students and instructors alike. We are so very fortunate that the Hilton Tucson-East is part of our Vivi Magoo family!


Vivi Magoo would like to continue to spearhead philanthropic projects throughout the year and would love suggestions for how best to accomplish this at each of our retreats. Drop us a line to let us know your recommendations and if you would like to participate in planning and/or implementing a project. We love collaboration and will welcome your help!

Blessings to you and yours,

Barb and Erin