Pre-Order your supplies for Metals Week!

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Hi Metals Week students!

If you need to purchase anything for class (including metals, tools, expendables, etc.), we have a local supplier, SJ Jewelry Supply, who you can order through and have it all ready-and-waiting upon your arrival. The information to contact them is included in this email, and they will take good care of you. Mario and I will work together to make sure your order is at the studio in Mesa when you arrive. It’s a nice service Mario and his crew provide for us – both in Tucson during The Desert retreats as well as at our other retreats around the country.

SJ Jewelry Supply in Phoenix is owned and operated by a wonderful family, headed by Mario Morales. His wife, Erika, and son, Steven, round out the staff, and they are excited to help make gathering your materials easy and stress free. We guarantee they will make life easier for you!

Here’s how it will work…. It’s easy and will set your mind at ease

  • Once you have determined what you will need, send an email with your request for products and/or tools to SJ Jewelry Supply
  • Include the items you wish to purchase in the email to Mario.
    • Go ahead and cc me on the email so I can keep track of what you’re ordering (
  • Make sure to tell them this is for Vivi Magoo Metals Week beginning September 22nd.
  • Email your order to Mario at
  • When they receive your email, they will send you a return email acknowledging receipt of your request
    • In this email, they will instruct you about payment methods
  • Once your order is filled, they will send you a second email with confirmation stating your order is complete
  • Included in this email, they will let you know how, when and where they will deliver your item to you when you arrive in Phoenix

You can email them at

Do you need more information?

Erin and I can help answer any questions you may have

or help you with the process of ordering your supplies.

Email either of us, and we will gladly help in any way we can!

Can’t wait to see you soon!