Did you know you can ship your tools and supplies ahead?

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Are you worried about the hassle of checking your tools on the plane?

We hand carry all of our precious gemstones, cabochons, metal and wire  with us on the plane. Don’t tempt anyone to steal any of those expensive items in your checked luggage.
Having said that, we do, however, check our tools and let them travel with cargo and baggage to our destination.
Here’s what we do, and we haven’t ever had a problem with anything getting confiscated, lost or stolen.
We put all of our supplies in 2-gallon (those really big) Ziploc bags along with the jewelry class descriptions so that if they do check, they can see why you’re carrying such an odd assortment of files, hammers, pliers, etc!

If you’re just not comfortable with checking your tools and want to avoid the  hassles of lugging everything with you to the airport, we invite you to ship  ahead to the jewelry studio

Send your packages c/o < your name > and Vivi Magoo

Make sure to write your name on the box(es) so we can easily identify who they belong to when they arrive

Urban Metal Studio

c/o < your name > and Vivi Magoo

33 South Sycamore

Suite 1

Mesa, Arizona 85202