Gemstones and Cabochons – Oh My!

Barb Solem2023, Metals Week

We had a question from one of our beautiful Metals Week students about Susan’s workshop and specifically what gemstones and/or cabs to bring to class. Here’s our reply: Have you checked out Susan’s shop page on her website? She has many curated gemstones available there. You can purchase them, or get a good idea of what she herself uses in … Read More

Did you know you can ship your tools and supplies ahead?

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Are you worried about the hassle of checking your tools on the plane? We hand carry all of our precious gemstones, cabochons, metal and wire  with us on the plane. Don’t tempt anyone to steal any of those expensive items in your checked luggage. Having said that, we do, however, check our tools and let them travel with cargo and … Read More

8.27.2023 UPDATE

Barb Solem2023, Metals Week

Instructor: Susan Lenart Class: Sacred Objects: Totems and Talismans – Creating Personal Sacred Objects Date of Class: September 11, 2023 – September 15, 2023 Time: 9:00 am until 4:00 pm daily Level: Advanced Beginner – students should have experience with creating and soldering*** (see note below) Students will work on symbolism with their own shapes + small hollow forms and  attachments . Susan is bringing in … Read More