Pre-Order your supplies

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Many of our students have asked us to help streamline the process of gathering supplies for classes,

and we have come up with a way we think will work for you.


Mario and his crew at SJ Jewelry Supply in Phoenix will have an onsite shop at The Desert 2024 in Tucson for the duration of our retreat.

They’ll come with any-and-all supplies/tools/materials for you to shop and purchase once you’re in Tucson.

If you prefer, you can order ahead of time, and they will have your items ready and waiting when you arrive for your first day of class. 

Need metal? Wire? They have it!

Solder? Flux? Yes, indeed!

Butane? Propane or other fuel? Yep!

Gemstones? Cabochons? They have those too!


SJ Jewelry Supply in Phoenix is owned and operated by a wonderful family,

headed by Mario Morales.

His wife, Erika, and son, Steven, round out the staff,

They are excited to help make gathering your supplies easy and stress free.

We guarantee they will make life easier for you!

No kidding!

We use them all the time!

Mario is our go-to guy!


Here’s how it works….

Once you have determined what you will need for each class, send an email with your request for products and/or tools to SJ Jewelry Supply

To determine what you’ll need for each class, go to our website,

open the class description for each of the classes in which you are enrolled,

scroll down to the section “Student Supplies,” and

cut and paste the items you want to purchase into an email to Mario.

Here’s their email address 

When they receive your email, they will send you a return email acknowledging receipt of your request

In this email, they will instruct you about payment methods

Once your order is filled, they will send you a second email with confirmation stating your order is complete

Included in this email, they will give you instructions on how to pick up your orders upon arrival in Tucson


If you’d rather place your order by phone, their phone number (602) 615-1316 (cell phone)


 Sound easy? We are confident it’s going to help take the stress out of preparing for classes!

Heres how you can contact Mario, Erika and Steven


Do you need more information?

We can help answer any questions you may have

or help you with the process of ordering your supplies.

Text Barb, and she’ll gladly help in any way she can!


Can’t wait to see you at The Desert!


(602) 509-6030 Cell

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(602) 615-4136 Cell