Daily Schedule of Events

Barb Solem2016, Art Retreat on the Prairie

Daily Schedule of Events

Hi Prairie Pearls! You can view the daily schedules for our Prairie retreat here. Just click on each day, and you will be taken to the schedule for that day. Print them out, and bring them with you. We will have copies posted each day at Henkel Hall where classes are held for you to reference if need be. The schedules … Read More

Life is too short to wear high heels or What to wear to the Prairie retreat

Barb Solem2016, Art Retreat on the Prairie, what to wear to class

weather in Round Top

Question – The Prairie is getting near! I have a couple of quick questions ~ It’s been unseasonably hot here lately so it has me wondering about The Prairie and clothing. Are the classrooms air conditioned there? I know where we are staying is but thinking about layers and how to stay comfy during the day. Answer – We’re less … Read More

Can I ship my supplies to Art Retreat on the Prairie?

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You can ship your supplies ahead of time to the retreat!

Absolutely! Here’s what we do, and we haven’t ever had a problem with anything getting confiscated by TSA.  We put the supplies for each class in a separate Ziploc bag along with the class description for that class so that if TSA does check, they can see what the various items are going to be used for. The only thing we would not pack is anything flammable (butane, etc). Do … Read More