How to get to Round Top, Texas

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Driving directions to Art Retreat on the Prairie

We live in Scottsdale, Arizona and when we travel to Round Top, we always fly into Austin. We fly Southwest Airlines which has several non-stop flights each day into the Austin-Bergstrom International airport. The airport is on the east side of the city – the direction of Round Top – so it’s really easy to leave the airport, head right out of the city and avoid any city traffic. 

(If you’re wondering why we don’t fly into Houston, their roads are very crowded, and everyone always has cautioned us to avoid them at all costs. I have to admit, when I’ve flown there for other reasons, I’m always caught in traffic.)

Once we pick up our luggage, we head to the rental car agency and pick up our car – always an inexpensive small variety – and we’re on our way!

No matter where you are driving from, you can plug in your starting point in Google Maps and get driving directions to Henkel Hall HERE.

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