Dust to Dust – Student Supplies List

Barb SolemApril Bower, ONLINE: Dust to Dust, The Academy by Vivi Magoo, Vivi Magoo Presents Art Retreats and Other Inspirations


rubber  or  conditioned leather mallet to form

coarse 6″ file for dust

jewelers saw

2/0 or 3/0 blades for cutting ring blank

containers for dust collection

spatula scoop to apply dust

small artist paintbrush

 oil can style flux dispenser

 newish (flat)charcoal block or fresh solderite block to fuse on


 Argentium Ez solder, or regular silver solder


brass scratch brush

side cutters to cut wire

Square or round ring mandrel


millimeter gauge

drill press &/or flex shaft

#55 drill bits and  5mm setting burs, or individual setting bur 5mm

wax stone dop

Sharpie marker

tube setting punches (size 20 or 19) they run small)  or purchase a set

 chasing hammer for punch

patina oxidizer

curved tip  burnisher for gold

pro polish pad for highlights


optivisor or magnification

bench pin and clamp

small bench block

 jeweler’s saw and blades

 side cutters for wire

burnisher, preferably curved tip

safety glasses

vise grip locking pliers small locking pliers to hold gold and silver to make dust

coarse 6″ flat file*

*https://www.harborfreight.com/8-inch-flat-file-96626.html?fbclid=IwAR3obs0_onUkYpckaVGrrZkzCwozQcfk4A46kj4e3L9CE-N7AcsEv6DD7l8 single flat file less than $4

*https://www.harborfreight.com/12-piece-file-and-rasp-set-97070.html good cheap file set for dust and wax and wood forms

 (used in videos)

bending pliers

Krause bur

Inverted cone bur ( 6 pk) 1.2mm

3m Radial  Bristle Discs in Blue peach & green


bench pin

Jewelers saw & 3/0 blades (or close)

bench block

leather or non-mar mallet

planishing hammer

side cutters

metal shears

Round or square ring mandrel

Round Bezel mandrel

hand files & sanding sticks to smooth edges

sharpie marker, fine tip

Fire brick, or charcoal block, or hard solderite board (I use all) but you could get by with charcoal or solderite.

scratch brush I love the one from Allcraftusa, but for depletion gilding you can use any old brass scratch brush

safety glasses , dust mask


* 2nd ring optional. You may want a tube setting and a  setting bur for the size stone you choose


Torch.  I use Eurotool Handy Flame butane, but use what you have. Bushier flame is better than small pinpoint flame for fusing.  Smith Little torch, best for fusing pins.  Watch torch video.

Solder Set Up. Heat proof soldering area, Pickle, copper tongs, 3rd hand, tweezers, flux brush, solder pick

flux: yellow clear type ( not white paste)

patina: Your favorite blackener: Liver of Sulfur, Gosiba, Jax, Black Max

Polishing lathe or flex shaft and burs for cleanup and polishing.   * 0000 steel wool and pro polish pad will do.

Vise or drilled hole in stump or bench to hold ring mandrel for forming


Optional and fun things

I use the 3M radial bristle disc  in Blue (400 grit)  peach  ( 60 micron)  and light green (1 micron).If I had to only buy one I would choose blue (400) as all around most useful. They come in small for flex shaft too. Buy lots of screw mandrels for them.

Moores  Sanding disc  and mandrel discs come different grits. Choose med & coarse over fine.

inside ring sanding buffs Comes in 2 ranges of grit. I chose Coarse. These are very handy for rings.

black silicone wheels. Are great for all around abrasive clean up with your flex shaft. Get the mandrel too as it doesn’t come with it. Knife edge shape is very useful too.

stepped steel ring mandrels come in full sizes and half sizes and are not tapered.

Square ring mandrel with sizing marks!!!!!

Bezel mandrels set from Otto Frei, seems like a great deal.

Tube setting punch Otto Frei has “replacement” punches individually up to 6.5mm. They run small. I suggest  buying one 2 mm larger than your stone. May not work with cabochons unless they are very low dome but great for facetted stones. I believe Halstead has them single also. A set is always best. But the price range goes with the quality range. bezel setting set: a low end, but usable set.