Susan Lenart | Sacred Objects: Totems and Talismans | Monday, September 11, 2023 through Friday, September 15, 2023 (five days) | 9:00 am until 4:00 pm daily


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Susan will demo her techniques, tips and tricks, and guide and encourage you to create your own designs in this four day retreat. Rings – Pendants – Bracelets – whatever you choose to create – and as many as you can create over the four days!

This body of work, built of uncommon sacred objects + symbolic shapes, explore Totems, Talismans + colors of bright+ vivid, light and dark and are inspired by my travels though the dusty Sahara Desert of Morocco + vibrant streets of Mexico, building on the themes of expansiveness + protection.

In this 5-day hands on workshop, learn + explore new  ideas and solutions for building jewelry from my most current body of work.

I’ll teach you my unique techniques for bezel setting, connections and cold + hot joins to create your personal sacred jewelry while capturing mindful objects, vibrant gems, and unique stones.

You will explore and learn how to build small hollow forms that I use as prayer boxes to carry as talismans.

Learn my techniques for expanded granulation, cold join hinges, and unique bezel setting ideas.

Experiment with positive and negative space to make a piece visually  more powerful.

Learn techniques for balance and assembly into jewelry totems.

Your finished work will be a body of personal work meant for ceremonial.

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Instructor: Susan Lenart

Class: Sacred Objects: Totems and Talismans – Creating Personal Sacred Objects

Date of Class: September 11, 2023 – September 15, 2023

Time: 9:00 am until 4:00 pm daily

Level: Advanced Beginner – students should have experience with creating and soldering*** (see note below)

Students will work on symbolism with their own shapes + small hollow forms and  attachments .

Susan is bringing in some found objects, like glass and fossils to give out.

Susan will have gems that students can purchase

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Class Fee: $1395

Kit Fee: $50


  Please understand that all of your work will not look the same.
I will be showing techniques and this is the minimum listed below to make sure that you have enough material.
If you have extra in your studio then please bring extra.
Please bring a notebook to sketch out ideas and symbolism as I walk you through a brief meditation in the beginning. No need to know how to draw.
*METAL (*Susan prefers working with dead soft sterling silver)
**GEMSTONES (**Susan will have some gemstones and found objects for sale)
Note: quantities of each will entirely depend on what you plan to create



22-gauge sterling silver sheet metal (3 x 6”) Does not have to be one sheet – we will be using it throughout the retreat.

22-gauge (gauge doesnt really matter) fine silver sheet 3” x 3″

24-gauge sterling silver sheet metal 3 x 6” – if you have it in your studio inventory – not mandatory

26-gauge sterling silver sheet 3 x 3″



28-gauge sterling silver strip – 1/8” – 12”

28-gauge sterling silver strip – 3/8″ – 9”

28-gauge fine silver strip – 1/8” – 12 (dead soft) – Rio Grande item #101001

28-gauge fine silver scalloped bezel wire – 3/16” – 12 (dead soft) – Rio Grande item 101005

28-gauge fine silver serrated bezel wire – 1/4” – 12” (dead soft) – Rio Grande item 101002

Sterling silver inverted heart” gallery wire – 12” (hard) – Rio Grade item 103272

Sterling silver “swag” gallery wire – 12” (hard) – Rio Grande item 103268

Bring any bezel wire you may have in your studio – such as crown, crown filigree, etc. Use what you have!


18-gauge wire -1 ft – if you have it in your studio inventory – not mandatory

20gauge wire -1 ft

22-gauge wire 2 ft


18-gauge square wire-1 foot- if you have it in your studio inventory – not mandatory

16-gauge – 2 feet

14-gauge – 2 feet

12-gauge 2 feet


Solder – whichever you prefer using – sheet or wire – EZ, medium, hard


Stones, gems, cabs, found objects, small personal sacred objects, etc.

Centerpiece stone for rings, pendants or bracelets

4 smaller cabs or rosecut gems for adorning sides of center stones

Crystal point with a cut base (so it sits snug inside the bezel)


Any scrap silver – BRING A LOT OF YOUR SCRAP METAL – WIRE/SHEET/BEZEL WIRE/GALLERY WIRE – STERLING OR FINE SILVER – COPPER OR JEWELERS BRONZE IF YOU’D LIKE TO USE IT –  – We will create bezels, shot plate adornments, twisted wire, granulation balls out of what you have!

Any scrap fine silver

Fine silver strip 6½” (sheet, scrap)- for making your own granulation

Any little sterling silver small components to solder onto your surface

Indian dies (or any small dies)

Fine silver granulation- Rio Grande – lot 109381

Russian filigree powdered solder


6” X 6” solderite board


Jewelers saw and blades (#2/0, #3/0, #4/0)

Wax/Bur life for saw blades

drill bits – #52 and #60

Bench pin and C-clamp to attach to workspace

Small piece of wood to drill into

Small bench block and something to deaden sound

Files – any variety

sandpaper – a variety of grits

Pliers – flat nose, chain nose, round nose, half-round/flat forming pliers

Rawhide mallet

Chasing hammer

flush cutters

tin snips to cut sheet metal

small ballpeen hammer

Fine-tipped tweezers

Cross-locking tweezers

Bezel setting tools

Sharpies and pencils

Note Pad


Shot plates – if you live local and can bring them

Dapping dies – if you live local and can bring them

work light

Safety glasses/Magnifiers/Optivisor


24g s/s sheet (keep in mind the extra on each side for the smaller gems)

1/4″ s/s dead soft bezel strip wire (32g for the very small stones- for this ring, Susan uses a bezel wire that has teeth cut along one edge to fold over to set the stone)

Your choice s/s or fine silver filigree wire (at least enough to go around your center stone twice, plus enough to go around your crystal point)

Your choice- twisted wire for 2nd layer (enough to wrap around your bezel).

12g dead soft s/s wire for bail (can use plain wire or decorative)

Thicker s/s wire for ring band- your choice.

NOTE: 24g means 24 gauge. s/s means sterling silver.

NOTE: You can also use copper, bronze or brass instead of silver. If using bronze wire, use jeweler’s grade. You can use brass filigree wire- comes in lots of decorative shapes. (remember to use silver solder with silver).

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Additional Class Comments

***If you are interested in joining this retreat but aren’t sure your soldering skills are up to snuff, Susan offers a free soldering video that will walk you through the steps and give you a chance to practice before attending class.

<click here> to be directed to the free soldering lesson



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Instructor Website:

Lookbook: Sacred Objects – Totems + Talismans