April Bower | The Water’s Edge Bracelet | Saturday, February 5, 2022 | 9 am until 4:30 pm


Using fused dust and wire textures in Argentium silver, Students will create a unique anticlastic formed bracelet in Argentium Sterling with heat sculpted edge.

Combine this workshop with the “Waters Edge Ring” workshop for the ultimate comprehensive educational package.

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Instructor: April Bower

Dates of Class: Saturday, February 5, 2022

Class Fee: $185

Level: intermediate, must be comfortable with a torch

Type: A Project and Technique Workshop

Kit Fee: $95* (payable to instructor on morning of class)

*may need adjustment due to the fluctuation of metal prices

Kit Fee Includes:

20g Argentium Sterling  approx. 1”x6” (this makes  wedge shape bracelet 6” in length)

16g Argentium Round Wire – 1 ½’. Will use some for ball granules

14g Argentium wire 6” – for ball granules

You will use trimmings from sheet for your dust texture

Containers for dust & granules

#0000 steel wool & pro pad polish square.

All equipment and expendables to do the project and create a studio where none exists in a hotel setting!


Rolling mill

Fuel/ oxygen torch for melting edges,

Eurotool Handyflame butane torch/ fuel

Clean flat Solderite board (preferred) or newish charcoal block       to fuse on

VISE to hold stakes for anticlastic forming

End hook and or large sinusoidal stake for anticlastic forming

Nylon cross peen hammer

Polished planishing hammer or similar   for flattening granules

Coarse file & vise grip pliers for creating dust

Bracelet mandrel or anvil horn for bracelet shaping

Yellow liquid flux or similar; like Rhondas Purple flux

patina: Gosiba,

Soldering station with pickle /solder etc

A few basic studio tools: of saws, side cutters flex shaft, pliers etc.to share

polishing tools:


Bring your personal tool kit with pliers/jewelers saw/blades/ ruler/ side cutters/ shears/ file/Coarse large file/ a newish flat charcoal block to create granules on. Polished hammer to flatten granules would be nice.

Additional Class Comments

I will a have a few of all necessary tools to share for those that forget something.

April’s Contact Info

Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerjewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: www.aprilbower.com