Are you hungry?

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The Westin La Paloma has several restaurants on their property, sure to please your palette.


We asked La Paloma if they could provide us with an affordable and speedy way to serve 150 starving students and instructors in 1-1/2 hours,

and they said sure thing!

La Paloma will have staff serving us as we progress through the line
where we will choose our selections from items available –
complete with plexiglass partitions –
designed to keep us all safe and healthy.
This will be an easy way to serve everyone in an efficient way and get you back to class in a jiffy.

$20 all-inclusive

includes coffee, tea  and gratuity
Served on the Vivi Magoo Terrace each day at noon.
Invite your friends and family to join you!
Pre-pay here on the Vivi Magoo website to speed up the process!

Lunch Menus

Options change daily

It would help us out if you could order your meals ahead.

The hotel will have a better idea of how much food to prepare –

and it will make the process speedier each day!

There are several other delicious restaurants on the hotel property offering lunch.

Sabino’s Pool Bar & Grill
Montecito Patio
In addition,

Espresso Sunrise

featuring Starbucks coffee and Tazo teas along with a light Grab-and-Go menu of sandwiches, yogurt cups, breads, etc. should you wish something very light.

And, if you are staying with us at the hotel, remember there is always room service back in your room if you’d like to take a break and relax in your room for a bit.


Looking for dinner suggestions? Here are some, both on-property or only a hotel shuttle ride away


We can help you with other suggestions and/or directions if you need.

Text Barb or Erin, and we’ll gladly help you out!


(text) 602-509-6030


(text) 602-615-4136