April Bower | ONLINE: XOXO | April 2nd, April 4th, April 9th and April 14th, 2022


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Create a stunning silver bracelet packed with texture and interest.             

Practicing in copper or brass to learn the basics, you will quickly move on to your fine silver bracelet with  high line folds, stamping, annealing, and maybe slight synclastic and anticlastic forming, & patinas

Work with your own tools in the comfort of your own studio.

Laptop or Tablet recommended for viewing, and cell phone camera for sharing photos of your project if you have questions for April.

Please familiarize yourself with Zoom and make sure to download the Zoom Apps on your devices.


We know this is going to be a very popular class!

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Instructor: April Bower

Format: ONLINE: HYBRID (combination of live and recorded)

Dates of Class: Saturday, April 2nd, Monday, April 4th, and Saturday, April 9th, 2022

Sip-and-Share: Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Students will participate in a combination of both recorded and live Zoom classes with April. Question and answer period, and further instruction will occur during live classroom meetups.

Daily Classroom Schedule

Saturday, April 2, 2022

9:00 am until 10:00 am

Monday, April 4, 2021

9:00 am until 10:00 am

Saturday, April 9th



April 14, 2022

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Grab a beverage of your choice and join us online for some social time. Totally casual.
Take this time to share your finished pieces with fellow students, ask your final questions of April, and share your thoughts on the class with each other.
In true Vivi Magoo spirit, we offer this time to relax, spend time with your new friends and enjoy getting to know one another a little bit better. 

Class Fee: $225
Level: all levels of experience – must have some hand strength
Type: A Project and Technique Workshop


Student supplies own materials.

You have an option to purchase a few select tools from April that will aid in making this cuff bracelet. Contact her for more information.



  • 24 g copper Sheet 6.5″x 2.5″ (minimum)     3 to 4” width is better.
  • 24 g fine silver sheet 6.5″x 3″ for bracelet
We will start with approximately 2 to 3 inch width and 6.5″* length to create an average wrist size bracelet of 6 inches in 24 gauge copper or FINE silver. *You may need to use longer length and width to suit your needs.  Remember the folds consume about ½” in length. You may need to shorten, but it is a drag when bracelet is too short! This means adding ½” to your normal bracelet length!!

Needed tools:

  • anvil/ bench block, larger is better
  • torch & fuel for annealing
  • wood forming pocket & clamps
  • vise
  • aluminum vise jaw covers or bending block
  • metal shears
  • file & sanding stick for edges
  • flat nose pliers
  • planishing hammer or very smooth metal hammer to confirm folds without much marring
  • Black rubber mallet and seasoned rawhide mallet
  • design stamps (not hammer) for texture (smaller is better)
  • opening tools: dull table knife, wood wedge, dull short flat screwdriver

Chasing tools:

Make your own: Youtube video, or order these:

  • PL9 Fretz Repousse’ tool
  • RF2 Fretz Fluting tool
  • PL7 Fretz planishing tool
  • bracelet mandrel
  • patina to darken the silver stamped texture
  • scratch brush (optional)
  • pickle, copper tongs
  • file & sanding stick for edges
  • pro polish pad
  • chasing hammer for stamps & chasing tools. I prefer largest diameter face.
  • 1 pair confirming pliers some like these: confirming pliers  available in 3 sizes
  • 1 pair Seaming Pliers 3.5: Seaming Pliers  or 3” confirming pliers above, (you need 2 pair total)
  • safety glasses
  • rag
  • Sharpie pen
  • nylon crosspeen/ bulbous mallets (optional)

Studio Tools:

  • torch
    • use what you have
    • bushier flame is better than small pinpoint flame (for annealing
  • heat proof surface for annealing: clean fire brick or pumice tray
  • flux: white paste kind for Red Heat Patina like Handy Flux
  • patina: Your favorite blackener: Liver of Sulfur, Gosiba, Jax, Black Max for silver stamped texture
  • Polishing lathe or flex shaft and burs for cleanup and polishing. * 0000 steel wool and pro polish pad will do.
  • black silicone wheels.
    • Are great for all around abrasive clean up with your flex shaft.
    • Get the mandrel too as it doesn’t come with it.
    • Flat edge shape is very useful too.

Additional Class Comments

Students will participate in a combination of both recorded and live Zoom events with April. Question and answer period, and further instruction will occur during live classroom meetups. Students will be able to follow along and work at own pace but ask questions/seek help from instructor each morning of class.

Videos will be available for six months after class ends.

April’s Contact Info

Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerjewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: www.aprilbower.com