Shannon Bundschuh | NEW SECTION! Dogwood Split Cuff Bracelet | Sunday, February 4, 2024 | 9:00 am until 4:30 pm



”Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” -Luther Burbank

Well, in this case… let’s smith our own garden & wear it!!

The symbolic Dogwood flower meets metal and stone.

Dogwoods symbolize rebirth as it is one of the first trees to bloom during early spring, representing new life.

It is also known for its durability, able to endure and survive in hard times.

A fitting flower choice for the recent storms we have weathered and our strength to preserver.

In this class, we will construct a split cuff bracelet out of a Dogwood casting & a matching pair of cabochons.

What techniques are involved?

Stamping, working with castings, perfecting your bezel techniques, sawing, and so much more!

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Instructor: Shannon Bundschuh

Title of Class: NEW! Dogwood Split Cuff Bracelet

Date of Class:  Sunday, February 4, 2024

Time: 9:00 am until  4:30 pm

Level: advanced beginner – intermediate

Type: project

Class Fee: $205

Kit Fee: $120 * may need adjustment due to metal prices

Kit Includes

1 Pair of cabochons

1 Sterling dogwood casting

22 gauge Sterling Sheet, Dead Soft

Bezel wire – 28 gauge

Sterling half-round wire


Sanding Cloth

Pro Polish Pad

Sheet Solder, flux

Instructor will have the following for use in class

Soldering stations – torches, fuel, solder, platforms, quench bowls, towels

Table protection


LOS patina

Baking Soda for neutralizer

Dawn, paper towels, dishpans for water

Flex shaft & Drill Bits

Metal decorative stamps

A few extras of tools on student list

Instructor will have the following available for purchase in class:



Student Supply List


  • Pliers: Chain Nose, Round Nose, Flat Nose, Flat/Half Round
  • Flush Cutters
  • Miter Jig
  • Rawhide or Nylon mallet
  • Steel Bench Block and rubber base
  • Files Cut #2 – flat, half round
  • Needle files
  • Jewelers Saw & Blades (2/0 or 3/0)
  • Something to catch your silver dust in your lap while you saw so you can use it for texture on future pieces.
  • Cut Lube or Blade Butter
  • Tweezers – for detail work and a pair for soldering
  • Pumice Knife-edge wheel polisher, size medium and mandrels {Rio#332723 & Rio#333120}
  • Bezel Rocker/Roller, Prong pusher, Burnisher
  • Metal stamps to decorate your cuff wire. (I will have some, but you might have to wait in line to use them.)
  • Hammer for stamping
  • Foam sanding pads (3M) – Fine, Superfine
  • Sketchbook and/or pad of paper
  • Pencil and Fine Point Sharpie
  • Ruler


All materials for one bracelet is included in your kit. This list is optional should you want to bring  your own stones and/or castings/charms.

  • A matching pair of cabochons (rectangular in shape – you need a flat side for the side the dogwood will rest against) if you would like to bring your own. I will supply one pair in your kit and there will possibly be more for sale as well.
  • Bezel wire if you bring your own cabochons. The bezel wire provided in the kit will be just enough and will fit the size of the stones provided. Your stones may be taller/shorter, so you’ll need your own bezel wire to work with them.
  • Sterling silver charm or casting with a flat back (must be full sterling, no silver plate please)
  • Work light and extension cord
  • Magnification if required
  • Your makers mark stamp or other stamps to add to the back of your pieces

Instructor Email Address:

Instructor Instagram: @carry.a.torch

Instructor Website:




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