Fond memories of The Desert 2022 and looking forward with excitement

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Thank you so much!


We hope you enjoyed yourself in Tucson – growing as an artist – deepening friendships with your art sisters and brothers – and learning a thing or two about yourself along the way.

After taking a year off due to Covid, we were anxious to return, but a little hesitant as well. What would February look like? Would there be another outbreak of the virus that would stop us in our tracks? Would the hotel be afraid to host us? Would students and instructors be reluctant to return? We persevered and pushed forward with determination that all would be well, and we could deal with any roadblocks or hiccups that came our way.

In reality, we were blessed to be able to host a lovely event with a lot of students and instructors who were joyful to return to in-person classes. We were happy to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they greeted one another and caught up on eighteen months of life and experiences. Everyone respected each other’s precautions and health-related decisions, and in the end, everyone had a grand time – learning, loving, making, playing, laughing and regaining their joy and happiness.

Lunch Buffets

We know that although La Paloma is a lovely setting, nestled in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, it is quite a trek to find restaurants off-property that can serve us quickly and with delicious food. We worked diligently with the hotel banquet staff to provide both affordable and tasty lunch buffets that would be served quickly and efficiently, and in the end, we think we hit a home run! The price was right – the food was delivered hot and tasty – and the staff were very accommodating of any special dietary needs. We will provide this service again to you next year, and with your input, we can expand menus to include additional choices throughout the week.

Nightly Get Togethers

We resurrected our nightly Happy Hours, and those who participated had a time doing so. There were still many who were cautious about gathering in this manner, and so it was a somewhat subdued crowd each evening. We expect next year to be bigger and livelier – and we are already dreaming up some fun events to bring you! Stay tuned!

Classroom Space

We knew one thing for sure this year – We needed classrooms that were roomy and could keep us healthy and safely distanced from one another. We worked with the staff to provide enough tables so each student, in most cases, could have their own workbench. Lots of soldering stations – flex shafts – and video screens to stream demos. Things all seemed to work out well for students and social distancing. Are we going to become spoiled and want this to be our “new normal?” We think so – What do you think?

Vivi Magoo Survey

As is our custom each year, we will be sending an anonymous survey in the next few weeks – asking you to share your thoughts and suggestions about The Desert 2022. Questions about the venue – about the instructors – about the projects – about Vivi Magoo. All geared to gain insight into ways we can improve on what we do and how we do it. There will also be a section where you can offer suggestions about types of projects, techniques you’d like to learn, new instructors you’d like to see us bring in – All meant to improve Vivi Magoo for your benefit. We appreciate any and all comments sent in a friendly and respectful manner, knowing you have our best interest at heart.


If you find you made it home minus a tool or a sweater or something of yours, let us know. There are a few things we accumulated along the way which may belong to you!


We are already working out the details for 2023! Can you believe it! We’ll be back at the Westin – La Paloma again – dates are still being worked out, but basically the same as this year. We’ll be bringing back many of our fabulous instructors and adding new and awesome ones to our roster next February.  Check back periodically on our website for  updates as they become available. We will open pre-registration for you in mid-July (we’ll email you the exact date so you can be prepared), so be ready to grab your first choices as soon as we open so you don’t miss out. We hate it when we see sad Vivi Magoo faces….


Vivi Magoo Academy

When Covid hit, we knew we had to pivot to online classes so you, our students, still had opportunities to learn and grow from your home studios until we could meet again. We moved quickly and opened The Vivi Magoo Academy – online classes that were a hybrid combination of pre-recorded videos, live demonstrations and plenty of instruction and time to complete each project. Thanks to several instructors, we were all kept busy throughout each month of the pandemic – meeting through Zoom classes and working in our own home studios (as humble or elaborate as they may be!). We learned a lot from that experience and although we didn’t relish the reason for the shutdown, we are grateful for the lessons learned about how we learn, where we learn, what we learn and what is important to us. We will continue the Academy indefinitely; it meets many needs of many students and gives us all an opportunity to come together in between in-person workshops.

Next up on the Academy –

XOXO Cuff Bracelet with April Bower
April 2nd, 4th and 9th (classroom sessions)
April 14th  (Sip-&-Share)

Metals Week

Guess who’s coming to teach???


Nicole Ringgold                    Studio Luna Verde (Ace)
September 22nd – 26th, 2022
Phoenix, AZ
Registration will open soon. We’ll let you know – or check our website often!
In this metals workshop, you will have an opportunity to learn from the best of the best.
Created for you in an Artist-in-Residency format. One instructor for multiple days. In-depth exploration of technique and design.
Our instructors are vastly popular and exceptionally qualified – as jewelry designers as well as jewelry instructors. Each with their own style, you will have an opportunity to gain insight into various design styles, techniques and materials used.
learn . play . create
Coming from out-of-town? Do you live in town and want to stay where the group is staying? We have you covered! We will have accommodations for you in typical Vivi Magoo style. Well-priced and near the studio. A sure-fire way to make new friends or reunite with your Vivi Magoo family, our goal is to give you ample time to create and strengthen bonds with each other.

Danny’s Epic Adventures

featuring Danny Wade
We’re in the process of planning Danny’s Fifth EPIC ADVENTURE!
Coming in early November
stay tuned for more details


It was a pleasure bringing The Desert 2022 to you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon – If not at one or another of our events throughout 2022, then back in Tucson at The Desert 2023 (isn’t that crazy to think – 2023!).
We hope you know we are blessed by you, our Vivi Magoo family – knowing you – serving you – loving you.
In love and friendship,
Barb and Erin