April Bower | NEW! Opposites Attract | Sunday, February 4, 2024 | 9:00 am until 4:30 pm


Playing with the idea of “Opposites” or contrast,  you will create a highly textured side with reticulation of silver and combine that with a highly polished smooth side in a comfortable wearable ring, then add a bit of bling by tube setting a small facetted stone.

Learn to create highly textured reticulation, Depletion Gilding and tube setting.

Learn to create highly textured reticulation.

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Instructor:    April Bower

Title of Class: NEW: Opposites Attract  Deep-V ring

Date of Class:  February 4, 2024

Time: 9:00 am until  4:30 pm

Level: intermediate – Must be able to saw and be comfortable with a torch

Type: combination project/ techniques

Class Fee: $205

Kit Fee: $65 * may need adjustment due to metal prices

enough metal and supplies for two rings

Kit Fee Includes

18g Argentium Sterling  approx. 1.5”x 3”

18g Reticulation silver

Argentium Tubing & Facetted stone to fit

#0000 steel wool & pro pad polish square.

All equipment and expendables to do the project and create a studio where none exists

Tools and equipment needed for project

flexshaft, setting burs, setting punches

pickle, Scratch brushes

fire bricks, ring mandrels, ring sizers Patina

Soldering station with pickle /solder etc

A few basic studio tools: of saws, side cutters flex shaft, pliers etc.to share

polishing tools:

Students Supplies List

bring your personal tool kit with pliers/jewelers saw/blades/ bench pin & clamp./ files & sanding sticks, Optivisor or magnifier for stone setting.

Additional Class Comments

I will a have a few of all necessary tools to share for those that forget something.

Instructor Email Address:

Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerjewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: www.aprilbower.com



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