Nicole Ringgold | a cuff: Mushrooms and Logs | Monday, February 5, 2024 | 8:00 am until 5:00 pm (one-hour lunch period)


In this class students will fabricate a cuff that resembles aging bark, incorporating a collection of copper mushrooms.

Techniques covered will include sawing, fusing, carving, forming, texturing, and soldering.

NOTE START TIME FOR THIS CLASS ***8:00 am – 5:00 pm (one-hour lunch break)***

***Students must have experience working with a propane/O2 torch system and a solid grasp of silversmithing basics***

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Title of class: a cuff: Mushrooms on Logs

Instructor: Nicole Ringgold

Date of Class: Monday, February 5, 2024

Time: NOTE START TIME FOR THIS CLASS ***8:00 am – 5:00 pm (one-hour lunch break)***

Level: Intermediate and advanced

***Students must have experience working with a propane/O2 torch system and a solid grasp of silversmithing basics***

Type: Sawing, fusing, carving, forming, texturing, soldering

Class Fee: $275

Kit Fee: $145

Kit Includes

  • 1 3×6” sheet of 22 gauge sterling silver
  • 10’ 16 gauge sterling silver round wire
  • 1 3×3” sheet of 22 gauge copper
  • 1’ copper wire, 14 gauge
  • Silver solder, easy, medium and hard

Instructor will have the following for use in class:soldering stations

  • torches, fuel, solder, flux, platforms, quench bowls, towels
  • Propane/oxygen Little Smith torches
  • Torch tips – #7
  • Liquid cement
  • table protection
  • pickle
  • patina – LOS
  • Baking Soda for neutralizer
  • Dawn, paper towels, dishpans for water
  • Flex shafts
  • Tracing paper
  • third hands
  • Pick, tweezers, tongs
  • Flux
  • Eastern Repousse and Chasing stakes (I will bring at least one set)
  • Carbide cone burs
  • Twist drills for 20,18 and 16 gauge wire
  • AdvantEdge burs
  • Ball burs
  • Separating discs
  • Black silicone wheels
  • Fiber wheels, fine and abrasive
  • Cross-cut cylinder burs
  • Knife edge bur
  • Dedeco polishing wheels

Student Supply List

  • Saw and blades for 22-g sheet
  • Bench pin
  • Bench block
  • Any basic hammer such as one from Ace
  • Nylon or rawhide hammer
  • Files
  • Sand paper
  • Extra mandrels for flex shaft

Optional Supply List

Work light and extension cord

Magnification if required

Additional Class Comments

Because this is not a dedicated jewelry/metals studio, we ask you to bring a lot of tools. Some people will be willing to share, but don’t rely on that if there are certain tools you usually work with.

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